Collège Boréal Foundation

Enterprising and imaginative, the Collège Boréal Development Office team coordinates fundraising activities and oversees the proper management of its endowment funds.

It is on endowment funds that the scholarship and financial support program, as well as the development of priority projects and activities for Collège Boréal, are based.

The Development Office maintains special ties with its donors and volunteers, as well as graduates of Collège Boréal through its office of the Alumni Association.

Alumni Network

So far known as the Development and Alumni Office, now the Development and Alumni Relations Office features:

  • a network: communities and the spirit of mutual aid;
  • the graduates: the ambassadors of Collège Boréal, a large family;
  • donors: unique and valuable support for the advancement of education, research and innovation.

Together, we are talking about a network of graduates of more than 18,000 alumni, a community made up of individuals from all walks of life who, in addition to sharing a story, have knowledge and mutual aid at heart and our donors, who make everything possible, thanks to their support, who “Nourrissent le savoir et font vibrer la culture” everywhere!

We have redfined our mission to allow us to be more in touch with our communities, our partners, our staff, our students and our graduates. We have made a culture change that is accompanied by tools to better share each other's successes and to stimulate mutual aid and generosity. The sum of these gestures, large or small, shapes the face of our beautiful College, anchored in its communities.