Our Alumni: Our Ambassadors Par Excellence

Approximately 17,000 people – the population of a small town! That is how many people have graduated from Collège Boréal. Representing a considerable asset for the college and society, many graduates have distinguished themselves in all areas of human activity throughout the world.

You are Collège Boréal’s ambassadors par excellence because you make your presence known everywhere. By helping recruit the next generation of students, a crucial element in the age of globalization, and by playing an important role for current students and young graduates as mentors or potential employers, you are a precious resource for the growth of our college no matter where you are.

The Association des anciens et anciennes du Collège Boréal represents a privileged and essential bond between you and the college. The association helps strengthen your sense of belonging through various benefits and services in addition to a range of activities and events.

As a graduate, you are a full member of the college community, alongside the students, professors, and staff. As key stakeholders, you play a vital role in your college’s development. Your generosity is essential to our development, and we thank you for your continued support.

Our Association makes it possible to set up and set up meetings, exchange actions between alumni, who have now become professionals, and current students / pupils. At a time when professional integration, entering the labor market can be complex, our association / network of alumni is proving to be essential. But beyond the simple prospect of creating a support network, it helps defend common values, promote and identify with the establishment and our great Boréal family.


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