Members of the Advisory Board are energetic, social, and motivated individuals who seek to establish a close bond between the Association and its members.

The objectives of the advisory committee are:

  • To serve, support, inform and represent members of the College Boréal Alumni Association for any matter of interest to them and the College;
  • To make members more aware of the work and services offered at the College and it’s communities;
  • Support members in organizing various networking activities;
  • To facilitate collaboration between the College and members in order to contribute to the advancement of the College;
  • Support the Fondation du Collège Boréal in achieving its fundraising objectives;
  • To welcome new members and establish lasting partnerships that supports the mission of the College and its Development team.


The functions of the members of the advisory committee are:

  • To appropriate the objectives of the Association;
  • To be a proud ambassador for Collège Boréal, the Association, and alumni;
  • To participate and contribute to the meetings of the advisory committee;
  • To support the mission of the Association;
  • Develop the process leading to the establishment of alumni chapters of Collège Boréal and their representation;
  • To participate in the administration and the call for candidates for the alumni awards of Collège Boréal;
  • Promote the Association, its benefits and services, its activities, and any other communication;
  • To reconnect with members by participating in community activities.


Your Association is always looking for new members to compose its advisory committee. Do you want to participate in the vision of your association? Do you want to contribute to its success? Do you want to contribute to the college that trained you? Here is your opportunity!

The Committee

JULIE BÉCHARD - President, Timmins
EDITHE MEBOUTO-FOTSO - Vice-president, Windsor
JUNIOR MANDOKO - Vice-president, Toronto
GRÉGOIRE BEAUDRY - Member, Toronto
DARLINE REMARAIS - Member, Toronto
CAMILLE LEMIEUX - Member, Sudbury