Types of donations


Collège Boréal’s has many different needs. Whether it be for institutional or departmental projects, for students or other purposes, any financial support can make a difference for the growth of our college.

Consequently, you can decide to allocate your donation to Collège Boréal’s priorities, to research, bursaries, facilities, athletic excellence or else to a school, department or development. For help or more information, contact a member of our team.


Many contribution options and financial vehicles are available to you. Whether your contribution is toward a sustained or a one-time donation, we can satisfy your interests, needs, and expectations.

Many donors choose to make contributions to Collège Boréal each year. Some even commit to renewing their gift over many years (Pledge).

By supporting our institutional and departmental projects with an annual donation, you are also supporting the college’s development and contributing regularly to study conditions and to an environment that are conducive to training better students.

For example, in the health field, annual donations can help buy modern equipment, such as state-of-the-art tools for the dental clinic. This will allow dental hygiene students to learn about the technologies they will be using in their future practice.

If you studied at Collège Boréal, perhaps you were able to benefit from a donation.

Matching gifts are a simple way to increase your donation at no extra cost to you. If you are a donor and you wish to double your contribution or more, your current employer may already offer a matching gift program for charitable organizations.

To find out, just contact your company’s human resources or public relations managers for more information. Each company has its guidelines concerning matching gifts.

If your company does have a matching program, fill out the appropriate form and send it along with your donation to the Office of Advancement . The team will handle the request.

With planned giving, your contributions can either be immediate (as with cash) or deferred (like a testamentary gift). Whichever option you choose, planned giving allows you to contribute to the college’s development while offering you a tax benefit.

Deferred planned gifts are becoming increasingly popular as they allow the possibility of spreading your donation over a longer period. This means your donation’s impact on your income is reduced while ensuring a stable income for Collège Boréal, thus enabling it to secure its medium and long-term development objectives.

Collège Boréal offers five types of planned giving. Please consult the planned giving page to choose the one that best suits your situation and your intentions.

By definition, designated capital funds are invested in an endowment fund belonging to Collège Boréal and managed according to established policies. The fund’s capital is non-transferable and protected so that only the expendable income is used to support the purpose designated by the donor. All designated capital funds are invested in Collège Boréal’s endowment fund which is managed for profitability and sustainability.

You may choose to use the fund’s earnings to benefit Collège Boréal, a department, a field of study, a scholarship or even a particular person.

The fund may bear the name of the donor or any other chosen person.

The creation of designated capital funds is beneficial for all interested parties. It meets the expectations of the donor who wishes to offer Collège Boréal sustainable support and continued development.

Donors may choose to create a scholarship or award in their name or in the name of someone they wish to designate. They may also specify the recipient category (student, project, department).

Students are the main recipients of scholarships and awards. The objective is not only to recognize the excellence of their results or to support the work of talented students. In certain cases, scholarships are awarded to students in difficult financial circumstances to encourage them to persevere and graduate with success!

These scholarships and awards allow the donor’s objectives to be harmonized with those of the college, which is the best guarantee of lasting success.

Why not give meaning to the loss of loved ones by making a donation in their memory? Here is a way to honour them and to create hope for a cause that was meaningful to them. You may also allow Collège Boréal to determine where your gift is allocated so that it can be used where the needs are the most urgent.

Once we receive your donation, we will notify your family and loved ones if that is your wish and we can provide the funeral home with memorial cards.