Collège Boréal has enjoyed financial success and significant results from its fundraising activities over the years. A substantial portion of this money has been allocated annually to the endowment fund.

Each year, the college demonstrates transparency by presenting the data illustrating the endowment fund’s performance to its donors and beneficiaries.


Please consult the 2019-2020 Annual Report.

Collège Boréal’s endowment fund is a capitalized fund with invested sums that are inalienable. Whether it be for funding scholarships, research, collections or equipment, the initial goal is the same: ensuring the sustainability of these activities.

Like other large institutions with an endowment fund, Collège Boréal has acquired investment and distribution policies to preserve its capital funds. These policies aim to meet three requirements:

  • to respect any financial commitments toward the donors;
  • to maximise the performance of the fund;
  • to maintain an appropriate degree of volatility given the fund’s primary purpose which is to support the college’s teaching and research activities.