Your donation directly supports many programs and initiatives related to teaching, student services and research.

More precisely, your donation allows Collège Boréal to:

  • maintain a high degree of excellence in all programs offered to students;
  • offer students study programs tailored to the needs of the community with state-of-the-art training that meets market requirements and facilitates their professional integration;
  • award scholarships to students to promote their access to Collège Boréal or to help them persevere;
  • attract and retain international students and those who excel in sports and on our sports teams;
  • support many different research programs;
  • keep learning equipment and tools at the cutting edge of technology to offer the highest quality and satisfaction in teaching and learning.

Your donations have allowed Collège Boréal to become the quality establishment it is today.


Collège Boréal is much more than a French-language postsecondary institution; it is a true pillar of the Ontario Francophonie, providing numerous services to its students and their community.

Since 1995, our institution has been preparing our future leaders, our cultural ambassadors, our future entrepreneurs. Collège Boréal cultivates the richness and full potential of each individual.

With 36 centres located in 27 communities throughout Ontario, Collège Boréal has carved itself a sizeable place in French-language postsecondary education. Designated under the French Language Services Act, Collège Boréal is a true leader at the heart of our communities, as an important economic, social and cultural driving force in each of the areas it serves. That is why our motto, “Nourrir le savoir et faire vibrer la culture” (“Nurturing knowledge and vitalizing culture”), travels well beyond the classroom.

Not only does Collège Boréal have an outstanding reputation, it also boasts exceptional results, having the highest graduation and graduate satisfaction rates of all 24 Ontario colleges. The confidence shown by our employer partners makes us proud, with 96% who would recommend hiring our graduates.

Collège Boréal assures you that our vision, mission, passion and traditions lie at the heart of our actions. This is the key to our success!

Let’s not forget to recognize the ever-growing commitment of our graduates, of the members of the college community, and of our friends. Their financial contribution is very important regardless of the amount of their donation since their gesture is added to that of all the other donors.


Your contributions to Collège Boréal provide an interesting range of tax benefits. In addition to helping achieve the college’s goals by making a donation, you will receive a tax credit. Here is how.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Charitable donations are eligible for a federal tax credit of 15% for annual donations of $200 or less. Also, donations above this limit are eligible for a tax credit of 29%. According to the current federal legislation, eligible donations must not exceed 75% of the taxpayer’s net income and any unused balance may be carried forward over a period of five years. For more information about federal charitable donation tax credits, please visit the CRA website.

Provincial Income Tax

Since 2006, charitable giving in Ontario has been eligible for a tax credit as well. For more information on provincial charitable giving, we invite you to visit the CRA website.

See for yourself the true cost and tax benefits of your donation by consulting our table of Examples of Tax Credits.

More details on the tax benefits for each type of donation can be found in the “How and Where to Give?” section of this site.

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