The Fondation du Collège Boréal: “An opportunity to promote excellence”


The mission of the Fondation du Collège Boréal is to help the college offer its students excellent study programs and activities promoting cultural development:

  • by ensuring that no student candidate is deprived of a high-quality education or training due to a lack of money;
  • by rewarding the academic and personal excellence of students in all sectors with scholarships and bursaries;
  • by ensuring that the college has the appropriate teaching materials.

The foundation fulfils this mission by creating contacts within the community and by organizing fundraisers in the name of Collège Boréal.

Each year, the Fondation du Collège Boréal awards over 2000 scholarships all over the province, worth an average of 1.5 million dollars.


Impartiality: In carrying out their responsibilities which, among other things, consist of promptly providing advice to donors, students and staff, the professionals at the Office of Advancement show complete impartiality.

Integrity: The professionals in the Office of Advancement demonstrate the highest integrity possible. Each one of their actions shows a constant regard for honesty, whether it be for the donors, the students or the staff or as part of their work for the college.

Trust: In the course of their work, each professional in the Office of Advancement is committed to establishing and maintaining a close and lasting relationship with the donors, students and staff based on reciprocity, openness and transparency.

Confidentiality: The professionals in the Office of Advancement have made a commitment to the donors, students and staff to treat their information confidentially and lawfully.

Responsibility: The professionals in the Office of Advancement ensure that donors, students and staff have access to any relevant information about their donations and that the issued grants and information on their management and use are the most recent.